We are on a mission to help you free up time and return home happy!

What makes us special

Our professional housekeepers are full-time employees with the highest standard of training. We are a happy company, and we are on a mission to achieve our vision of creating happiness for the world, community, and people!

Our professional housekeepers are:

  • Full-time local employees with market leading benefits and salary (Starting $1800/month)
  • Received 3 weeks of ButlerInSuits industry-leading housekeeping training.
  • Health Screened and Insured
  • With Prior Hospitality/Service Experience
  • Rewarded with incentives for good performance.
  • Trustworthy and Intuitive
  • Sincere and Happy

Our customers choose ButlerInSuits because of our professional housekeepers, our quality control, and the convenience of having their home managed by a company.

The Butler In Suits Pledge

We are Butler In Suits.

We are Singapore’s Finest Housekeepers.

Meticulous in our work and conduct.

Upholding the highest level of integrity.

Dedicated to the code of professionalism.

We understand and help our customers free up time and return home happy!