Butler In Suits is the world’s leading daily housekeeping and hospitality service for apartment residents; We deliver happiness through our signature housekeeping and hospitality service.

Our Mission

The Butler In Suits Mission is to create happiness by helping our customers free up time and return home happy! with our finest housekeeping service. We dedicate the finest professional housekeepers to ensure a happy and delightful experience for our customers!

Our Vision

We originate, innovate, and create happiness for the world, community, and people.

Our Values

We help you free up time and return home happy!

Teamwork, Responsibility, Integrity, Understandability, Motivation, Professionalism, Happiness.


Our first team formation


Our startup journey was an exciting one with youthful interns helping to form the foundation of processes, which was then able to be futher solidified as the team grew.

The Launch of Daily Housekeeping


We are the world’s first company to launch the daily housekeeping service for a residential apartment. The service was only made possible with the suggestion from our customer; whom had a child and required more than just weekly housekeeping service. Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount to our success, and we made it our mission to achieve happiness for our customers.

Building a stronger team


We enhanced on our customer experience by combining the latest technology with professional housekeepers. Achieving the Butler In Suits Standard, and becoming Singapore’s Finest Housekeepers.

Acceleration and Growth


Butler In Suits grew to a team size of 20 employees.

Happiness creation for community and people.

We are a happy company that creates happiness for our customers, employees, and the community through our CSR.

Changing the industry

“Good is the enemy of Great” – Jim Collins.

We are changing the industry through happiness creation; creating happiness for our employees and our customers. We believe in the potential to become great for each and every ButlerInSuits employee, and we believe in excellence in customer service. Helping you free up time and return home happy is our mission and our commitment.