We are a hospitality service company that brings happiness and delight to your lifestyle and living.

ButlerInSuits is the world’s first hospitality service for apartments

Our Vision

We originate, innovate, and create happiness for the world, community, and people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create happiness in our community, and to help our customers free up time and return home happy!

The beginning of ButlerInSuits - A simple vision


ButlerInSuits was incorporated in Singapore on the 29th of September 2018, the company was started with a simple vision when Poon the founder of ButlerInSuits envisioned “what if, we can experience the hotel hospitality experience in our own homes?”.

ButlerInSuits was therefore started to bring the hospitality experience to apartments.

The World's First Daily Housekeeping Service

ButlerInSuits is the world’s first company to launch the daily housekeeping service for the residential apartments. This service was only made possible with the suggestion from our customer; who had a child and required more than just regular weekly housekeeping service. Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount to our success, and we made it our mission to achieve happiness for our customers.

Participation in TechInAsia Singapore


The ButlerInSuits team participated in TechInAsia Singapore.

Participation In Switch Singapore


ButlerInSuits participates in Switch Singapore.

Participation in Echelon Singapore

ButlerInSuits was selected as the 100 most promising startup in Asia by Echelon Singapore.

ButlerInSuits upgrades its office

ButlerInSuits gets it own operations office as the company scales to bring hospitality experience to more people.

Invitation with Gary Vee

ButlerInSuits was invited and Poon the founder of ButlerInSuits speaks with GaryVee.

ButlerInSuits Wins Platform E pitching contest

ButlerInSuits wins the startup pitching competition at Platform E’s startup contest.

ButlerInSuits awarded NSMARK and NSMARK GOLD

ButlerInSuits gets awarded NSMARK and NSMARK GOLD for active support of NSMAN in Singapore.

ButlerInSuits Awarded Raise Social Enterprise

ButlerInSuits awarded as a social enterprise for social impact.

ButlerInSuits Launches Property Management and Concierge Services


ButlerInSuits launches the world’s first property management service for apartments, and concierge services for our clients.

ButlerInSuits wins first place at Asia Startup Summit 2018


ButlerInSuits wins first place for Singapore at the Asia Startup Summit 2018 at Pangyo, Korea. Asia Startup Summit is a startup competition with top startups across 13 countries in Asia.