Who are your home managers?

Our home managers are full-time professionals with hospitality backgrounds. We conduct a rigorous selection process and train them intensively for 3 weeks before assigning them to your homes.

Are your home managers trustworthy?

Less than 10% of home manager applicants gets selected to become a home manager. Our home managers are full-time employees who are professionals. Our stringent hiring process also includes a background check on their trustworthy-ness and integrity. Furthermore, in the unlikely event of any damages or thief during our servicing, we are insured with a $1MM insurance coverage to assure you that the service we provide is secure.

Does the same home manager come to my house every week?

Yes. We will assign a dedicated home manager to your residence over the course of your subscription. We believe that having one home manager per residence will allow them to get to know you and your preferences better over time, thus making improvements to our service each visit, in the event of another home manager visiting your residence, you will be informed and an introductory session will be arranged.

Do you do single visits?

Unfortunately no, our service is based on a monthly subscription model. Your overall home management will be taken care of over time, as we believe that only through a subscription model can we build the level of understanding and personalisation for your residence.

What does the Home Manager do each visit?


The home manager will operate/maintain the smart devices (e.g. robot vacuum/window cleaner) and also declutter, organise, vacuum and mop your home. The home manager will adjust the procedure accordingly based on his/her professional judgement to suit your home. The home manager will also change the bedsheets and make your beds.


The home manager will stock your refrigerator neatly with the groceries you ordered. Do note that groceries (minimum spend of $40) have to be ordered 3 days before the next home visit to arrive on time.


You will be provided with laundry bags for your laundry needs. These bags will be collected each visit and sent to our partnering laundromats, and returned the following week.

Do I have to pass the Home Manager my house keys?

If you would like our home managers to visit your home when you are not around, you would need to pass your house keys to us to facilitate a smooth service process.

Otherwise, if you prefer that our home managers only visit when you are home, there is no need for you to pass your keys to us.

How do you ensure the security of my keys?

Once you pass us your keys, we will coat your key with a red wax and stamp it to prevent anyone from duplicating your keys. We also lock your keys in a safe, such that only the home manager assigned to you has access to it right before visiting your home.

If I were to miss a visit this month, will I be refunded?

If your residence is managed by us automatically when you are not home, you would not miss any visits as our home managers will visit every week.

If your residence is managed by us only when you are home, rest assured that our subscription is based on 4 visits, meaning that if you were to miss a visit in the 2nd week, we would visit your home on Weeks 1, 3, 4, and 5 for the payment that you have made at the start of your subscription.