Home Sweet Home!

We understand your home is important to you. That’s why we focus on the quality of the housekeeping. Our housekeepers aren’t freelance workers – they are full-time employees. You support us, and we take care of our housekeepers, so they can take care of your home for you.

On top of that, we know every home is different, so we allow you give us special requests for those hard to reach places.

We ensure your home sparkles with our monthly 75 points checklist.

Core Checklist (Completed on every session)

  • Bedmaking
  • Changing of Bedsheet (Once every week)
  • Declutter and Arrangement (General)
  • General cleaning of trash
  • General cleaning of Bathroom
  • General cleaning of Kitchen
  • Dishwashing
  • Mopping
  • Robot Vacuum Maintenance


  • Declutter and Arrangement
  • Kitchen Stove Cleaning
  • Kitchen Dishwashing tray
  • Kitchen Stove Area Cleaning
  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  • Kitchen Switches Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning (Exterior)
  • Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning (Interior)
  • Kitchen Worktable Cleaning
  • Kitchen Fridgetop Cleaning
  • Kitchen Washing Machine Top Cleaning
  • Kitchen Window Cleaning
  • Kitchen Window Ledge Cleaning
  • Kitchen Floor Mopping


  • Declutter and Arrangement
  • Bedframe Dusting and Wiping
  • Picture Frame Dusting and Wiping
  • Bedside Table Cleaning
  • Bedroom Window Cleaning
  • Bedroom Window Frame Cleaning
  • Bedroom Switch Cleaning
  • Bedroom Cabinate Cleaning
  • Bedroom Mirrors Cleaning
  • Bedroom Floor Mopping


  • Declutter and Arrangement
  • Bathroom Vanity Counter Cleaning
  • Bathroom Sink Cleaning
  • Bathroom Sink Area Cleaning
  • Bathroom Switches Cleaning
  • Bathroom Trashbin Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cabinate Cleaning
  • Bathroom Mirror Cleaning
  • Bathroom Shower Glass Cleaning
  • Bathroom Toiletbowl Cleaning
  • Bathroom Shower Area Scrubbing
  • Bathroom Removal of Drainage Hair
  • Bathroom Window Cleaning
  • Bathroom Window Ledge Cleaning
  • Bathroom Blinder Dusting
  • Bathroom Floor Mopping

Living Room

  • Declutter and Arrangement
  • Changing of Linens/Sofa Covers
  • Dusting of Linen and Sofa
  • TV shelf Cleaning
  • TV Dusting and Wiping
  • Frame Dusting and Wiping
  • Switches Cleaning
  • Coffee Table Cleaning
  • Dining Table Cleaning
  • Furniture Dusting and Wiping
  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Ledge Cleaning
  • Floor Mopping

Balcony/Front Garden

  • Declutter and Arrangement
  • General Cleaning
  • General Mopping
  • Flowering of Plants
  • Trimming of Plants
  • Cleanup of Leaves
  • Leaves Cleaning