Butler’s tip for housekeeping and home cleaning

A well-maintained home is a happy home! At ButlerInSuits we help customers free up time and return home happy with the finest daily housekeeping and home cleaning service in Singapore.

In this article, we will share with you our finest housekeeping and home cleaning tips.


Pro-tip #1: Always start from the corners and the end.

Follow 3 simple steps to ensure a thorough clean, by starting with cleaning the corners of particles, webs, stains, and dust, the second step is to clean the room outwards, and the final step is to give the home a simple wet mop.

Pro-tip #2: Bathroom cleaning

A clean bathroom is free from mold, stains, humidity, and insects such as the pesky drainage fly.

our professional housekeepers suggest the following to be done daily.

  • Cleaning the mirror with a glass cleaner
  • Wiping of the sink and sink area
  • Cleaning the toilet bowl (exterior and interior)
  • Removing of hair from the shower drain
  • Open the window to reduce moisture

and the following to be done weekly

  • Scrubbing of bathroom wall and tiles
  • Cleaning of shower glass

Pro-tip #3: The art of kitchen cleaning

A grease-free kitchen is an experience that you are looking for. The most common feedback is how to prevent greasy stove and sticky floors.

Grease is stubborn on metals (aluminum and stainless steel), and your tiles, our professional housekeepers recommend the following 3 step solution

Step 1: dilute dishwashing soap with water ratio of 20% dishwashing soap:80% water to create a cleaning solution. (for extra strength, add a small dosage of baking soda to the solution,***small amounts of baking soda are not harmful to natural stones)

Step 2: use a microfiber towel and wipe the kitchen hood and tiles with the cleaning solution (20% dishwashing soap: 80% water). Let it soak for 5 minutes.

Step 3: use a clean microfiber towel with clean water, and wipe dry the kitchen hood, and tiles. And you will have a kitchen free from grease (this exercise needs to be done weekly or bi-weekly to ensure that no stubborn grease is formed. (prevents grease smelling kitchen too!)

Pro-tip #4: The dishwashing liquid

Never skip on dishwashing liquid; it is a hygiene and household essential.

Furthermore: A quality dishwashing liquid may prove to be more healthy and safe in the long run.

Dishwashing liquids are filled with chemicals and potentially harmful products

When purchasing a dishwashing liquid, always choose naturally derived dishwashing soap such as methods, it’s expensive however it will be immediately less harmful for your hands while you do your dishwashing chores without gloves.


Always wash and rinse your dishes individually to ensure the highest removal of dishwashing liquid.

Pro-tip #5: the magic “8” wet mopping

Before you start mopping, ensure that your floors are free of dust and particles. To achieve a great mopping, always mop with the “8” motion, it enables less fatigue, and more overlapping and coverage of the mopping process.


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