Butler In Suits – A Company that puts customer happiness and employee welfare first.

Butler In Suits – We the world’s first daily housekeeping service for residential apartments and we are a happiness company.

When we started Butler In Suits housekeeping service in 2016, we have made it our mission to create happiness, happiness for our customers, our employees, and for our company, we did it because we believe happiness is what really matters.

One year later,

We are the world’s first and finest daily housekeeping service for residential apartments with an employee retention rate of 90% and employee happiness at 100%, we have stayed true to our mission statement “We create happiness for our customers, our employees, and our company”.


How did we create happiness?

  1. We understood our customers
  2. We understood our employees
  3. We understood our company


How did we understand our customers?

Butler In Suits is an experience constructed from our customer’s feedback. Since the beginning, we used our hearts to serve our customers, and actively listened to all feedback from them.

Our business processes and model changed from feedbacks of our customers, we were able to move forward and introduce the world’s first daily housekeeping service for residential apartments, and our monthly 75 points checklist.

Every month, we will call up each and every one of our customers to find out what we can do better, how we can do better, and what they will like to see us introduce.


How did we understand our employees?

Butler In Suits interviews is done very differently. The first question we ask always is why join us? why the position? and what are your aspirations?

We discover our employee aspirations,  their dreams, their experiences, the things they love doing. And we promise them the actualization of their aspirations through the common growth of the company.

We wanted our employee’s to be “healthy” not just physically, but also mentally, and financially. We are the first company in Singapore to elevate the status quo of blue-collar housekeepers by providing market leading salary with office hours working and excellent welfare benefits. We created a happy environment where our employees can perform to their fullest potential and work towards their dreams. We were also able to mitigate integrity risks that are often associated with low wage workers with the “healthy” framework

Our housekeepers are paid at a salary of $1800/month for 5 workdays, 8 hours of work.

As compared to hotel housekeepers are paid at $1400/month for 5.5 workdays, 12 hours of work.


We give our employee’s an opportunity to chase their aspirations, to elevate their status quo, and to do the things they love!


How did it benefit the company?

Butler In Suits greatly benefitted from the happiness that we have given to our employees, employees were able to keep customers happy, and happy customers were able to bring in more customers, and the cycle repeats.



We believe that happiness is the key to success, and we have seen a successful team and growth with our implementation of frameworks that cares for our customers, our employees, and the company.


About Butler In Suits

Butler In Suits is Singapore’s first and finest housekeeping service for residential apartments.





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