5 Tips to Stay Healthy with ButlerInSuits

It’s easy to neglect our well-being when we’re busy. We begin to eat unhealthy, skip our workouts, and use our tiredness as an excuse to stick to the couch. As tempting as that sounds, it brings down our mood and productivity. Thankfully, with the help of ButlerInSuits’ services, you can take your minds off tedious tasks and focus on achieving a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few of our tips!

1. Workout Apps

Don’t have time to go to the gym? There are plenty of mobile apps that you can download. Most of the sessions are only 20-40 minutes long, and require a few, if any, equipments. No more excuse saying we didn’t have time for a workout! Here are a few apps I recommend:

Sweat (iOS, Android): Bodyweight workouts designed for women! It’s a 12-week program that slowly increases difficulty. You need: workout/yoga mat and some weights!

Asanarebel (iOS, Android): Yoga-inspired workouts for men and women. Choose a workout everyday, with each ranging from 4-30 minutes. You need: yoga mat.

Freeletics (iOS, Android): Bodyweight workouts that range from 5-30 minutes, with optional (paid) training program. You need: no equipment!

Workout apps are a great way to get into a routine, exercise while traveling, and also to track your physical activity. However, remember that it’s not the end of the world if you miss a day or two of your session. Key is to work out at your pace and learn what suits best for your body. Set a goal that makes sense for your schedule and condition, then slowly scale up your efforts!

P.S. If you’re someone who likes to workout outdoors, you can go to these places.

2. Make a groceries list

Once or twice a week, make a groceries list and send to your ButlerInSuits housekeeper. I like to do mine on Tuesdays and Fridays, but it’s totally up to your schedule.

I find twice a week to be a good plan because:

  • The twice-a-week schedule lets you have fresh ingredients throughout the week
  • After a while, it gives you an idea of how much you spend on groceries and roughly what you eat every week
  • Once you get into a routine, not only will be become easy to plan your meals, you’ll find yourself having fun while staying healthy!

When making a groceries list, make sure you include lots of grains, vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and other healthy foods like these! If you’re wondering where you can get organic produce, gluten-free products, and others – check out this article from the Honeycombers, and just ask your ButlerInSuits housekeeper to shop at any of these places!

3. Plan your meals over the weekend

Weekdays can get busy to cook anything. That’s why I like to do a quick meal prep over the weekend (example here). Not only does this minimize the cooking I have to do throughout the week, it nudges us to choose the healthier, home-cooked option instead of unhealthy meals. I personally like to prep sauces, meat, and some vegetables, but it’s totally up to you. Here are a few things I like to prepare every weekend:

  • Boiled/grilled chicken breast: quick way to add protein to a meal, and still tastes good when cold!
  • Dressings: It can be a hassle for some, but I like to make my own as most that are available in stores contain high sugar.
  • Hard vegetables: I like to prep broccoli, bell peppers, and carrots. I tend to avoid watery vegetables because it might get soggy over the days.
  • Snacks: snacks can be delicious, and healthy! Follow our recipe here.

Don’t want to meal prep, but would still like to have healthy meals? Check this and this article out for healthy food delivery services.

4. Meditate


Staying healthy isn’t just about working out and eating the right food. It’s about keeping your mind healthy too. Meditation has many benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, and improving sleep.

A quick and easy way to start the day with a clear mind is to meditate in the morning. However, you can also meditate anywhere and anytime you want – during break at work, in the bus during rush hour, or in the evening in the shower.

There are many books and apps on meditation available, such as these:

Book: How to Meditate with Pema Chodron

Apps: Headspace (iOS, Android), Calm (iOS, Android)

5. Stay organized

Our mind is constantly bombarded with to-dos, and often times it just helps to see them written down. This way, we can see our list of groceries instead of imagining an ambiguous, endless list stretch out inside our head.

Whether you like to use calendars, to-do apps, or write them down on a notebook, create your own system that you can stick with. You can even come up with your own way of making a list for your housekeeper, so that those tasks can be grouped together and gone from your mind!

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