5 solid housekeeping tips to keep your home clean

We have provided our housekeeping service to apartments for more than 73,000 times in Singapore since 2016. You can be sure our tips are solid.


1. Shower glass stains

There is no easy way to remove it, and you may be frustrated at how stubborn the watermarks may be.

We tried everything on the list and it doesn’t work.

  1. Lemon
  2. Vinegar
  3. 3M Glass Cleaner
  4. Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner
  5. Magiclean Glass Cleaner
  6. Diamond scrub
  7. Toothpaste

We finally came across this product that works really well, and we highly recommend you stocking one for your residence and it costs around SGD$16

HG limescale remover

Beware the product is very acidic and can cause itch and burn. Handle with care!

We highly recommend wearing a thick dishwashing glove, apply the solution onto a scratch-free towel or scrub, and apply it to the shower glass. Let it work for 10 minutes and simply wash off the solution from the shower glass, the watermark stains will be gone.

Recommendation: Once every month.

2. Keeping toilet bowl clean

It is the most important task of every home, ensuring the toilet is clean.

  1. Use a scented surface cleaner to clean the outer and inner seat covers.
  2. Apply a generous amount of bleach onto the inner walls of the toilet bowl, and let it work for 10 minutes before flushing.

We recommend using Dettol Surface Cleaner and Magiclean Super Bleach

Recommendation: Daily.

3.  Declutter and Arrangement

A clean home is a home that is neat and tidy, when we start our service our customer’s residences, the first week is usually spent on setting the home up to the ButlerInSuits standard.

Make sure that all items are sanitized, cleaned, arranged neatly to the left and right.

Once the home is maintained, you will find general maintenance much simpler and subsequently dusting can be done very easily.

Recommendation: Once Every Week.

4. Dishwashing

Always clean the dishes off leftovers and soak them in soapy warm water.

subsequently, use a clean sponge or scrub and apply a small amount of dishwashing liquid for detailed washing.

While rinsing, it will clean not just the surface, but also the undersides of the utensils too, making the chore of dishwashing a breeze!

Recommendation: Daily.

5. Folding of Clothing

We understand that folding of clothing is always a pain point that many faces, especially when you have a week of laundry piled up.

We use a clothes folder to help us fold our customer’s clothing. You can purchase one from Lazada at SGD$6.50


However, if you wish to learn the tips and tricks on folding clothes manually while keeping it fast and perfect, see the video below.

Recommendation: Daily.



With the above 5 solid tips, we are sure it solves your common household enquiry, and consistency makes perfect. Upkeep your home in a fast and efficient way today!


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