3 Professional Tips to Housekeeping

Hello readers,

My name is Poon and I am the founder and CEO of Butler In Suits.

We started the company to help busy professionals such as yourself with daily housekeeping, so you can spend the time saved from housekeeping to do the things you love. We enable you to pursue your aspirations and dreams without having to worry about your home.


We are refreshing our blog entirely to be centric around helping you lead and live a better life at home and at work.


Today we share our top 3 tips on keeping your home properly managed via housekeeping.


Tip 1: Bedrooms first

Start with the master bedroom of your home and work towards other rooms, the things to do will be, declutter, arrange, bedmaking.


Tip 2: Bathroom second

After you are done with each of your bedroom work your way to the bathroom, spray the faucet, basin, toilet bowl, shower glass, showers with a layer of cleaning solution, allow the solution to work for a few minutes before wiping off.

In the meantime wipe the mirrors, clear the trash and replace toilet rolls.

And subsequently, use a clean kitchen towel or wet towel and wipe the areas with solution to ensure cleanliness.


Tip 3: Mopping last

Only mop your home as the last job to be done, this ensures a clean home and floor as dusts and particles do settle on the floor during your housekeeping process.

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